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Our 1963 Mobile Scout `Lucille` is quite the cute camper.  We love her but need more space in order to take our grandsons.  It is 10ft/13ft approx. 1500 lbs. of unique vintage.  It has everything you need for a comfortable camping adventure!  Fits anywhere and is so easy to tow.  It has AC, toilet, shower, original stove and oven and original lantern as well as a sink, dinette turns into a king size bed.  
We have a brand-new cover that is still in the box, a relatively new awning, new spare tire and a custom license plate for the year I will send a photo if interested and all of the photos and descriptions of what has been done.  Appraised at $22,000 we have the appraisal and that is very helpful for insurance purposes should it be stolen or in an accident.  Insurance is very inexpensive, and it is a great way to see the countryside!  Never has disappointed us on our trips.

It does not have a fridge but with the newer YETIs etc. there was no need for us. There is not a hot water attachment but it could be added easily.  We just didnt need or care about it. This camper is perfect for a new young couple or an older adventurous camper!.  

- city / state: San Antonio, tx
- date: 10/15/2022 6:11:58 AM
- member: cherylhicks

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