1980 datsun micro super low mileage

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1980 Datsun (toyota) Micro Mini. This is a pole barn find and has just over 16,000 miles on it. All original inside down to the shag carpet and dust buster inside the closet area. This is a `Rockwood` conversion, and all paperwork is also included in this find. 6 Lug. A new carberator was installed and it runs like a champ. Hoses and wiring look solid with no drying. This has been stored indoors up till I purchased and is now tarped. I cannot attest that it will not leak or that the sealing is good anymore on the roof. The window seals still look good visually. The last time this was plated was 1994 and the Title has original and only owner. Extremely rare unit with little to no comparables to find. 574-584-4565 Indiana

- city / state: Indiana
- date: 10/15/2022 1:57:27 PM
- member: watchado33

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