2010 FlipPac:  Fits full size trucks with 6.5 foot bed.“Perfectly” fits Dodge Ram 3rd gen (2002-2009) and 4th gen (2009-2018) as this is the type of truck I have.It may also “perfectly” fit previous and later generations of RAM 6.5 foot bed trucks, but I cannot confirm that. It should fit any full size 6.5 foot bed truck, but the carpet kit “may” need to be modified for a perfect fit inside the bed.
Single owner, purchased new.Excellent condition:NO holes or tears in tent or screens, no cracked fiberglass, all windows seal tight, torsion bar system works perfectly.Upgrades include custom stainless steel support rod hinges, solid aluminum support rods, Lexan rear window, third brake light, red/white marine interior lighting.Optional FlipPac truck bed carpet kit with storage and additional sleeping space.I even have the rubber torsion bar spline cover.
You will not find a more well cared for or better FlipPac.

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