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Check out a video tour of our 1963 Vintage Little Gem camper for sale made by Schiebout

1963 Little Gem Camper, 19 ft.
Model: Golden Jewel 19 (see original specs)
MFD: Schiebout, Grand Rapids, MI
Serial #: 6299

This is not a complete restoration... we are not profession restorers of campers, but this was a fun project!! It is the perfect fit for the serious restoration type person to complete. Like most families we used it a lot in the beginning and now with grown kids off on their own we have not used it in the last 3 years! We are ready to pass it on to another family to make memories. It is a charming little gem find ;) Like the video says... it is very rare to find this style, make and model at 19 ft and sleeps up to 6. It is absolutely perfect for a couple that likes to travel, for a small family, hunters, use as a guest house, or a sheshed, a mancave, park it on a vacation spot or property, use it for entertaining and parties. There are so many options. Sold `as is` with no warranty or guarantee. Currently viewing all serious offers with certified funds only.

Listing price... $11,900

Call FOR additional information
Email kim@eyewitnesshomes or call/text 616-581-6641

Additional information: -All interior areas including countertops & cabinetry were completely removed to the studs, rebuilt, cleaned and reconditioned. Primer/Kilz was applied to all internal wall & ceiling cavities and new Styrofoam insulation was installed. Subflooring was also primed/Kilz and all new flooring installed. -Countertops & tabletop were sent out for professional countertop replacement. Cabinetry was cleaned, rebuilt & primed/kill, repainted and reinstalled. -Includes original Magic Chef Stovetop and oven in the vintage Sea Green color and in Great conditions and working (lightly used). Only the 17, 19 & 22 ft. Little Gem’s came with an oven. -Original manufacture came with toilet and plumbing. This one includes the original sink with no plumbing (plumbing was missing when we purchased) we added a portable travel toilet. -Installed new 110 electric refrigerator with matching stove color (still have the original gas refrigerator that needs to be reconditioned) -Custom built walls from original design, front arm rest at dining table & fold out bed frame -All new refinishing of cabinetry included new Formica countertops and table -Original; sink, glass towel racks, paper towel rolls, inside light fixtures, Magic chef stove and refrigerator (although the refrigerator has been replaced with an updated Magic Chef but the original will come with the camper) -2 brand new propane tanks & safety chains at front trailer hitch, camper is 2640lb + 450 hitch weight. 

- city / state: Michigan
- date: 8/28/2022 8:33:22 PM
- member: Carmegma3

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