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The average weighted used northstar camper selling price is $17,976. This price is based on 346 products in a timeframe of maximum 1 year. All these prices in our database are reduced to one average single price. Its a weighted price based on the amount of the ads per month. So a month with more products has more weight in the average weigted price.

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A used Northstar camper can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $25,000. Prices can vary widely depending on the age, condition, and additional features of the specific unit. Northstar is a brand of camping trailers that are manufactured by Northstar Campers. They are known for their hard-sided pop-up and truck campers that offer a variety of features such as comfortable sleeping accommodations, small kitchens, and bathrooms.

These campers are designed to be lightweight and easy to tow and are available in different models and floor plans. They also have a variety of options available such as AC, furnace, and solar panels.

What is the most popular used northstar camper?

Model Description Popularity
Northstar Laredo SC The Laredo SC is a hard-side, slide-in truck camper designed for short bed trucks. It features a wet bath, dinette, and kitchenette, and is built with Northstar's signature durability and attention to detail. 80
Northstar 650SC The 650SC is another short bed truck camper that's popular among Northstar fans. It has a queen-sized bed, kitchen, and bathroom, and features a stylish and modern design. 75
Northstar Arrow U The Arrow U is a unique pop-up truck camper that's designed to fit both short and long bed trucks. It features a spacious interior with a queen-sized bed, dinette, and kitchen, and is built with Northstar's signature durability. 70
Northstar Liberty The Liberty is a hard-side, slide-in truck camper designed for long bed trucks. It features a spacious interior with a large dinette, kitchen, and bathroom, and is built with Northstar's high-quality materials and craftsmanship. 65
Northstar 850SC The 850SC is a slide-in truck camper designed for long bed trucks. It has a queen-sized bed, kitchen, and bathroom, and features a spacious and comfortable interior. 60
Note that popularity may vary depending on region and individual preferences.

History of northstar camper

Northstar Campers was founded in 1961 in Cedar Falls, Iowa by Rex Willett, who began building truck campers as a hobby. Willett eventually left his career in engineering to focus on building Northstar campers full-time.

Over the years, Northstar has gained a reputation for producing high-quality, innovative truck campers. In the 1970s, the company introduced the first full-size pickup truck camper, which quickly became a popular option for outdoor enthusiasts.

Northstar continued to innovate throughout the years, introducing features like slide-out sections, pop-up roofs, and all-weather capabilities. Today, the company offers a wide range of truck campers to fit various truck sizes and customer needs.

What are the features of a northstar camper?

Feature Description
All-weather capability Northstar campers are designed for all-season use, with insulated walls and roofs, thermal pane windows, and powerful heaters.
Lightweight construction Many Northstar models are built with lightweight materials like aluminum, which makes them easier to haul and more fuel-efficient.
Customizability Northstar offers a range of options and upgrades to customize your camper to your exact needs and preferences, from solar panels and air conditioning to upgraded kitchens and entertainment systems.
Durable construction Northstar campers are built with high-quality materials like fiberglass and aluminum, and feature sturdy construction methods like welded aluminum frames and vacuum-bonded walls.
Space-saving design Northstar campers are designed to maximize space and storage, with features like fold-out beds, convertible dinettes, and built-in cabinets and drawers.
Off-road capability Many Northstar models are built with off-road features like higher ground clearance, reinforced suspension, and all-terrain tires, making them ideal for exploring rugged terrain.
Note that specific features may vary depending on the model and year of the Northstar camper

What are the advantages of a northstar camper?

Advantage Description
Affordability Used Northstar campers can be more affordable compared to brand new ones. This can be a great option for people who want a reliable and comfortable camper without breaking the bank.
Durability Northstar campers are built to last, with high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship. Even used models can provide years of reliable use.
Off-road capabilities Many Northstar campers are designed with off-road capabilities, making them great for exploring more remote areas.
Customization options Northstar campers offer a wide range of customization options, allowing you to create a camper that suits your specific needs and preferences.
Compact size Northstar campers are often more compact than larger RVs, making them easier to navigate and park.
Note that the specific advantages may vary depending on the model and condition of the used Northstar camper.

Frequent Asked Questions Northstar Camper

Question Answer
What is a Northstar camper? Northstar campers are slide-in truck campers that are designed to fit inside the bed of a pickup truck.
What are the benefits of a Northstar camper? Northstar campers offer the flexibility to go anywhere your truck can go, without the need for a larger tow vehicle or trailer.
What are the most popular Northstar camper models? The most popular Northstar camper models are the 600SS, 650SC, 700SC, 850SC, and 9.5' Igloo.
What is the average price of a used Northstar camper? The average price of a used Northstar camper varies depending on the age, condition, and features, but typically ranges from $5,000 to $30,000.
What is the weight range of a Northstar camper? Northstar campers range in weight from 1,500 to 3,000 pounds, depending on the model and features.
What size truck do I need for a Northstar camper? You will need a full-size pickup truck with a long bed (at least 6.5 feet) to properly fit a Northstar camper.
What features do Northstar campers typically have? Northstar campers typically have a sleeping area, kitchenette, bathroom, dinette, and storage space.
What is the history of Northstar campers? Northstar campers was founded in 1961 and has been producing high-quality slide-in truck campers ever since.
Where can I find a used Northstar camper for sale? Used Northstar campers can be found for sale online, through RV dealerships, and in classified ads.
What should I look for when buying a used Northstar camper? When buying a used Northstar camper, you should inspect the overall condition, look for any signs of water damage or wear and tear, and ensure that all systems are in working order.
Note: The information in this table is intended as a general guide and may not apply to every specific situation or model of Northstar camper.

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